* FOR SALE: NOD #719  I am the fourth owner, but have owned and sailed it for 39 years.  The hull was built and sold originally in 1957. The hull is fiberglass and is sound and has aluminum spars. The sails were  built by Clinton Johnson of St. Petersburg, Fla. There is no spinaker, but there is a whisker pole and fitting on the mast. The deck is beige( with a scuff to the right of the  tabernacle that only goes through the paint on the deck, not the gelcoat), The hull is dark blue with a white boot top, and  below the waterline it is red. There is a good rub rail in place and recent  wood in the interior. The tiller is teak. The boat comes with a galvanized trailer. Asking price is NOW $1,000.00. Location is Tallahassee, Fla. Seller is MOVING and Seller is MOTIVATED.  More digital photos available on request. 




Ronald L. Norvelle, 6726 Alan-A-Dale Trail, Tallahassee  FL  32309  (850) 893-3386  <http://www.norvellpress.com>

If you are interested in more information about NODRA, please contact us.   


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