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Published since 1939, "The NODS" Newsletter has been the main source of information and in-depth reporting about the activities of the National One-Design Racing Association.  Circulated world-wide, "The NODS" has kept the owners and enthusiasts of the National One Design Sailboat connected and up-to-date with data about this great Classic Design dinghy.  All current NODS are availble here.

We are attempting to locate all prior copies and have them posted on this website.  What follows are direct/hot links to viewing the newsletters via the internet.  The list is in chronological order, starting with the most recent newsletters available. We ask that regular users of this service "Join NODRA" by visiting the JOIN! Page and submitting the appropriate nominal fee to support NODRA. 

(NOTE: Most files are not compressed/zipped, so downloads can take a few minutes)

        YEAR/DATE    LINK to View Newsletter  
  1. 2011 Spring ------------------ Click Here

  2. 2010 Full Year --------------- Click Here

  3. 2009 Fall/EOY --------------- Click Here

  4. 2009 Spring/Issue_1 ---------- Click Here

  5. 2008_EOY Issue_2&3 ------- Click Here

  6. 2007_EOY/2008 Issue_1 ---- Click Here

  7. 2007/Issue_1 ----------------- Click Here

  8. 2006/Fall/EOY --------------- Click Here

  9. 2006/Jul-Aug ----------------- Click Here

  10. 2006/January ----------------- Click Here

  11. 2005/July-Aug ---------------- Click Here

  12. 2005/JUNE ------------------- Click Here

  13. 2005/MAY ---------------- --- Click Here

  14. 2004---------------------- ---- Click Here

For more information, contact Paul J. Sniadecki, NOD #814,821

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