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04/08/06 Added NODRA in the News Main Page Will Expand
04/07.06 Added Memorial Trophy Lists History On going ADD
02/20/06 New Picture Gallery Format added Main Page Link Neat, try it
05/23/05 Section added about SPARS used w/NOD Specs Page Mast/Spar info
05/20/05 Events updated & Newsletter on-line access  Events&Home Better access
11/24/04 Links to all 2004 Regatta Results  Events Page Complete Info
07/12/04 2004 World Championship info posted  Events Page Worlds Regatta
06/27/04 GL2004 Results & World's Invite (posted)  Events Page Great Info
06/09/04 Great Lakes Regatta Schedule Announced  Events Page GL04 Schedule
04/14/04 Changes to Gallery(People) & Events  Gallery & Events GL2004 Info
02/08/04 New Hull Pictures posted !!  Gallery & For Sale Nice !
02/07/04 Add On-line Discussion (N.O.D.S.) Area  Button on Home Pg Info Sharing/Fun
01/28/04 Canadian Championship History Posted  History  View or Print
01/24/04 Portsmouth Racing Method Info and Data for the NOD Sailboat  Specs Race in Mixed Fleet
01/22/04 H Marion NOD "Tuning" Article posted  Specs & TechGoFast Tune/Rig Guide
01/05/04 NODRA 2004 Dues Form Added  Join! Page Time to Renew
12/28/03 Events Page Created for 2004  Events Page 2004 Info Release
11/03/03 Critical Measurement Table Added  Specs Page Go-Fast! Help
09/24/03 Add/Open "NEW" GALLERY Sections  Gallery Page Set-up for Expansion
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07/10/03 Add Leland Info/Invite for Worlds  Events Page  Temporary Page
07/01/03 Add Links to Regatta Invitations/Results  Events Page  Easy Access
06/28/03 Add Weigh-in List for Tracking Purposes  Specs Page  Tech Issue
05/01/03 Revised Gallery for Future Expansion  Gallery Page  Future Expansion
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04/20/03 Updated Events with 2003 Dates  Events Page  Easy Access
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